Since you asked: 

NOS is "new old stock". NOS tubes for guitar amps are vintage tubes manufactured back when vacuum tubes were widely used in all kinds of electronics. They were manufactured using methods and standards not used today. NOS tubes are "new" in that they've not yet been put into use. They're highly sought after because of their unique and superior sound.

This Land Is Your Land 

We used to play this song as an encore back when we could do encores. We started recording it back in November when there were cars lined up at food banks all across the country, and we couldn’t help thinking how the three verses we always sang speak to our world just as well as Woody Guthrie’s. 

Of course it took us so long to get the song finished that food banks are no longer in the news, though they should be.

Adam Schlesinger 

Adam Schlesinger died one year ago today, the first musician’s death from COVID-19 that we heard about. Too many more would follow.